A recent letter to the Gazette, which we are proud of!

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Barking up the right tree

On 30 March 2014, Jeremy Jones of The Berwick Village Vet clinic, hosted a Barks in the Park event at Buchannan Park, Berwick.

The weather on the day was delightful and I counted 22 dogs in attendance with their owners.

Jeremy and his three assistants gave out free treats such as dried liver chips, dog biscuits and Sashas Blend Sachets.

In addition there were free giveaways of drinking cups, dog shampoo and discount vouchers for bags of dog food. There were also hot cross buns and other pastries.

Best of all Jeremy gave a talk on the topic of canine arthritic problems.

Judging by the number of wagging tails of the dogs, and wagging tongues of the owners, a good deal of socializing was enjoyed.

This occasion was educational, social and tasty, and such events do much to maintain the standard of community oriented veterinary practices.

Sally Phillips, Berwick