Arthritis month

Pet Arthritis

Mid to late June has finally seen the temperatures drop. The “Warm wave” has ended, and car heaters are getting a work out! Unfortunately we have had a lot of older cats and dogs coming to the clinic for slowing down and stiffening up, with the cold playing havoc with old arthritic joints.

We encourage all of you with older pets to bring them in for a seniors check and arthritis assessment. We can tailor an approach to each family and pet to help them keep mobile and pain free. It might be glucosamine, pentosan injections or pain killers that we decide on. We can discuss the pros and cons of each option to help you decide how you would like to treat your pet.

We will be mailing out some vouchers to help, with discounted glucosamine and fish oil supplements, and a discounted pentosan course. If you miss out on the vouchers please ring the clinic and we’ll get them in the post.

So please call us today on 9707 3855 to arrange an arthritis assessment and senior check!