Big Tummy Troubles

Big Tummy Troubles

Intestinal blockages in pets

Recently we have had 3 separate animals bought into the vet clinic for suspected intestinal blockage.

All had showed signs of being generally unwell. Not eating or eating then vomiting, unable to keep any food down and feeling miserable.

1st Case   Willow a 2 and a half year old Scottish Terrier. Had a few rough days of not being able to eat and whenever she did, all she could do was vomit all the food up again. Dr John found an apricot stone in the small intestine. Surgical removal was required with an over -night stay at The Berwick Village Vet. She has recovered quite quickly.

2nd Case Basil an 8 year old Dachshund suspected to have eaten peach stone a few days previously. Dr Julia gave medication to induce vomiting and sure enough a peach stone and a hard piece of plastic, suspected to be a piece of toy came up.
Luckily enough no surgery was required in this instance. Basil is back to his usual self.

3rd Case Harry a 9 year old Birman who had a few days of eating very little and being very lethargic with a sore tummy when palpated. Blood testing was slightly abnormal. Dr Debbie surgically removed a long matted hairball which was found to be stuck in the small intestine. Harry required over-night stays at the emergency centre and further monitoring at The Berwick Village Vet and is still on the road to recovery.

In all 3 cases, X-Rays were a necessary part of diagnosing what was going on internally. Animals disguise pain very well and this always makes it very difficult to figure what is going on. X-rays provide our veterinarians the information to make the best decisions of what action to take in regards to your pets health.

If at any time you suspect that your pet has eaten “the wrong thing” or is showing signs of being unwell. Please don’t delay call today 9707-3855!