By Krikee what’s the matter?

By Krikee what’s the matter?

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By Krikee what’s the matter?

Krikee is a lovely 12 year JRT who frequents our vet clinic every 6 weeks for nails trims. He has always been a happy little character who loves his liver treats.

Lesley his owner brought Krikee in early one a Monday morning in November 2018 presenting with a very swollen abdomen, this had arisen after some ball play late Saturday afternoon. He has always been a solid little dog but this was looking quite unusually large.

Dr Jeremy admitted him for further investigation. He had some X-rays of his distended tummy, some blood testing and abdominocentesis. This is a test where the vet inserts a needle into the abdomen to remove fluids for testing.

The X-rays showed that Krikee’s lungs and heart were in good shape but no indication to what may be causing the big tummy. The blood testing did show low red blood count. Dr Jeremy was suspecting a possible intra-abdominal bleed at this point and referred Krikee to get an ultrasound to investigate further.

That very day we were able to secure an appointment for Krikee to have an ultrasound at the specialist centre. Here they confirmed that Krikee indeed had a mass in his abdomen, it was attached to his spleen measuring approximately 10 x 10cm which is quite a size for someone that weighs only 8.5kgs.

At the Berwick Village Vet we have performed a few spleen tumour removals over the years with success and Krikee’s owner decided to go ahead with the surgery with Dr Jeremy and give her little buddy the best chance for a heathy life.

Nurse Steph took extreme care during the preparation for Krikee’s surgery as the tumour inside his distended abdomen could burst at any time and cause further bleeding and complications.

An incision was made down the middle of Krikee’s abdomen and revealed the extent of the massive growths inside poor Krikee. This confirmed the ultrasound finding of the 10 x 10cm mass, although the remaining space in Krikee’s abdomen had also taken over by additional masses underneath the one attached to his Spleen, these weren’t visible on the specialist ultrasound and was quite a shock for Dr Jeremy!

These were all attached to the spleen by blood vessels which needed to be individually tied off. Some of the masses were “cyst like” others filled with blood. There were also many adhesions, this made for a very difficult removal. The largest of the adhesions needed to be carefully tracked and ligated away from the stomach and pancreas.

With the tumours removed Krikee is now 1.15kg lighter. The surgery was successful, he had battled through a 3.5hr anaesthetic and has now fully recovered. It was a very exciting case and wonderful to be a part of his recovery to health.         

He is still a very active little fellow and loves to come into the clinic for regular visits with his  owner Leslie and is always keen for a liver treat.