‘CODY’ BARNETT – Foreign Body Removal

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Mrs. Barnett had noticed that Cody had not been eating or drinking for a day and had vomited several times.  Concerned, Mrs. Barnett decided to bring Cody down to see Dr Jeremy first thing on Monday morning.

During Cody’s consultation Jeremy found that he was in a lot of stomach pain!  Mrs. Barnett also told Jeremy that she had noticed remnants of a shredded handkerchief around the house.  It was decided to admit Cody into the hospital for IV fluids, pain relief and to start further investigations including blood test and radiographs.

When Jeremy examined the radiographs he found an abnormality in the intestines which he suspected could be due to a foreign body.  After discussions with Cody’s very concerned owner it was decided it was time to prepare Cody for exploratory surgery to check what was going on.

From the start of the surgical exploration it was obvious there was something very wrong with Cody’s intestines; it appeared they had pleated up on themselves and theywere not the normal healthy pink colour of a happy intestine.

Jeremy incised into a part of the intestine and was able to pull out a piece of handkerchief!  Over the next hour multiple incisions needed to be made to remove the entire handkerchief that was blocking the intestinal track.  By the time Jeremy was stitching Cody up the intestines were already returning to their normal pink colour.

A very sick and unhappy Cody

Upon talking with Mrs. Barnett and family about the surgery and finding the rest of their missing handkerchief, it was decided to have Cody moved to the overnight emergency centre.Cody was given more pain relief, antibiotics and anti-nausea medication to aid the recovery and to make him as comfortable as possible.

He returned to us on Wednesday morning with a report to say he had eaten a little at the emergency clinic and was sitting up at the front of his cage eager to see his family when they arrived to collect him.

Cody spent the next few days with us being closely monitored, medicated, fed and cuddled by Jeremy and the Nurses.  His favourite meal was charcoal chicken!  It was very pleasing to all of us to see the progression back to his old self and get him back home to his family to continue on with his care. 

Our regular phone calls to the Barnett’s informed us that Cody continued to make great progress at home and was eating his small but regular meals with gusto.

 A lesson learnt, we hope for Cody and other inquisitive pups – handkerchiefs and intestines don’t mix!Twelve days after Cody’s surgery he returned to see us for removal of his stitches, he was back to the bright and alert Cody of old and this was the best outcome we could have hoped for.