Fleas In Pets
It’s warming up and the season has been moist. Watch out for fleas! So far we have had numerous dogs into the clinic that have never had fleas until this year, where all of a sudden they have become riddled with them. The main culprit appears to be cats jumping into back yards at night bringing the pesky parasites with them, although some dogs appear to have brought them home from the sidewalk or park.

If you see a flea act promptly! You can use Advocate or Revolution if you need a combination Flea/Heartworm preventative. If you are using the annual heartworm injection, then all you need to treat and prevent fleas is Frontline Plus.

It is worth noting that “Sentinel Chews” do not kill fleas. The product in Sentinel for flea control just prevents flea eggs hatching so is not particularly useful in the presence of a flea infestation.