Heartworm has now been found in our area!

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Heartworm has now been found in our area! With this new information we are advising every dog and cat be put on some form of protection. Once a dog has adult heartworms, treatment is difficult expensive, and a dangerous undertaking. Some dogs can have anaphylactic reactions during treatment and can die.

A study has recently found heartworm in several Melbourne suburbs including just behind Pakenham in Nyora, where a fox was found to have the disease. The typical lifecycle in Victoria appears to be foxes acting as a reservoir for the parasite, and mosquitos spreading it. Since mosquitos make it into our houses, even purely indoor pets are at risk.

We strongly recommend prevention! There are so many easy ways to prevent heartworm these days with spot-ons, tablets, or by far the most convenient the once-a-year injection. It is advised that if your dog has not been on preventative heartworm medication, and if it is over six months old that a blood test be performed prior to the commencement of a preventative medication. You must not start some medications, especially the tablet preventatives, before blood testing is carried out.

Please call us to discuss heartworm with you. We can advise a program that suits you and your lifestyle, and most importantly save your furry little friend from this insidious and potentially fatal disease!