Jeremy is back!

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Jeremy has returned after his holiday to attend his Vet Class reunion in New Zealand. It was his first long break since 2011 and he really enjoyed himself. There was some socializing, a very fun reunion, and also plenty of time to indulge in Jeremy’s favourite pastime; hiking. The weather was relatively kind, but on one trip, he was very excited to finally get to a small run down hut, full of mice that had left little mouse presents all over the “bunks”, after 5 hours walking up a valley in the rain. He had to cross the river several times, the water coming above his waist, which was a little chilly given the river is fed by snow and glacial run off! It sure made a change from the comforts of the clinic!

A special thanks to Julia and John who many of you would have met whilst he was away and who did a fantastic job looking after the clinic.