Keeping your puppy or dog on the right path!


Good communication between you and your dog will build a strong relationship for life.  As with humans, dogs will use their body language to communicate with other dogs.  We must learn to interpret their body language and pick up on these signals.  By doing thi sit will enable you to teach your puppy or dog the right way to do things.

The first thing you should be teaching your puppy or dog is to sit before they interact with people.  They need to learn to be patient and wait to be greeted.  Contrary to the old saying, you can teach any dog to sit at any age as long as you practice often and your teaching methods are fun and kept short and sweet.  If you find your pet is doing something that is not acceptable, you can try to interrupt the behaviour by using their name or making an unusual sound to distract them from the unwanted behaviour.  We must remember to reward good behaviour and not focus on the bad behaviour.  We should try ignoring them when they are behaving badly and shower them with attention when they are behaving well.  If you find your pet is jumping up on you when they see you, then you should cross your arms and turn your head away and stay as silent as possible.  When they do finally sit, then you can reward them with attention or a treat.  Puppy Preschool can be a great way to put your dog on the right track.  The Berwick Village Vet offers classes.  Please contact us for more information on the next sessions.