Off-leash park has the tick off approval


BERWICK Village Vet Dr Jeremy Jones has given Casey’s first fenced off-leash park the tick off approval.

Dr Jones enlisted the help of furry friends Rio and Benny to test drive the Clyde North park, following his calls at Leader online last week calling for more safe areas in which to walk dogs.

Dr Jones said the park, built by developer Stockland at the request of Selandra Rise residents, was perfect for pooches at the estate.

“It’s a great little area to have a couple of dogs playing around in there,” Dr Jones said.

“Once they’re in there and the fence is locked, they’ll have a great old time and not get hit by cars.”

However, he said it was not large enough to service owners beyond the estate, and renewed his call for more fenced, off-leash parks in the city.

“If a couple of other parks were spaced out in Casey so people don’t have to travel far, that would be a huge benefit to all local dogs and residents,” he said.

Source: Berwick Leader