The importance of puppy pre-school!

‘Congratulations on your new puppy purchase, now what? Whether you have previously owned a dog or you are a first time pup owner, there is always a benefit for all attending a Puppy pre-school between the ages of 8 to 16 weeks.
The most important learning time in your dog’s life is during the first four months. This is when they imprint their experiences of the big wide world as well as correct and safe socialisation; a key factor for your dog’s future behavioural habits.

A puppy’s brain is like a sponge, ready to learn and process everything put in front of them. Puppy pre-school at a young age is an opportunity for pup’s to gain confidence and learn good doggy manners in a safe environment; socialising for short periods of time and learning from other pups with guidance from owners.

During the first few months if the best time to introduce your dog to different experiences and noises so they learn what is acceptable behaviour. Simple things like lawn mowing, opening an umbrella or vacuuming are all totally new experiences and can be quite frightening for a young dog. Teaching your dog how to have alone time and perform boredom busting tricks to prevent destructive behaviour’s are all touched on in Puppy School.


If you have recently purchased a new pup or know of someone who may be interested in attending our Puppy pre-school call

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