What happens when a labrador puppy eats too many pain killers


Case Study

A beautiful, rambunctious Chocolate Labrador puppy had to be admitted into our clinic recently due to ingesting his house-mates pain killers!  His housemate (another Labrador) is recovering from a Knee reconstruction performed at The Berwick Village Vet a few weeks ago, and is still intermittently on some pain killers.

However youth and exuberance, and perhaps a healthy appetite, have led this little guy to munch his way through the box, and puncture the tube that holds the liquid pain killer, leaving very little in the tube. We don’t know how much he ingested, but given very high doses of this class of medication can lead to life threatening kidney and stomach problems, he was made to vomit, given activated charcoal (in an attempt to bind the medication) and hospitalised on a drip with stomach protecting medications.

All is fine now, thanks to the prompt actions of his owners! We will take this opportunity to ask all medications be it for Pet or Family, be kept out of reach of rambunctious puppies, and indeed all pets and children!