How to choose a vet

Unsure on how to choose a vet? Choosing a Vet can be difficult, especially when you arrive in a new area. When I moved to Berwick I needed a new Dentist, Doctor, Physio and the likes and found the process difficult. Who do you go to? How do you find out if you like them or not?

Well, firstly I recommend you speak to people who have used The Berwick Village Vet. They’ll give you an honest appraisal of the practice from someone in your own shoes. They can tell you the benefits of using this vet clinic. We strive to deserve feedback praising our customer service, our compassion towards animals, our ability to solve your concerns (whatever it may be) to help prevent illness in your pet and to treat it successfully when illness does occur. We feel strongly that when required we may need to seek specialists for advice and refer to these specialists when it is in your pets best interests. We are proud of our small practice, a practice where you will recognise the staff and vets and where more likely than not, you will be able to see the vet you saw last time, solidifying that all important bond you and your pet have with your vet (Jeremy, Julia or Debbie.)

Secondly, call us and arrange a time to come and introduce yourself! We would love to have you down to the clinic to meet us.  We can discuss the services we offer and the great service you can come to expect at The Berwick Village Vet.

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