A new kitten – congratulations on your new little friend!

Kittens are bundles of joy and you’ll have a great time watching them as they grow! We love kittens and are here to help you maintain their best possible health both now and throughout their lives. Bring them down for a FREE kitten check (not including vaccinations) and also get 4 weeks FREE pet insurance (some conditions apply)!

If you have a discount voucher for a vet clinic from the pet shop, ring us and we’ll see if we can match it!

Have you already bought a kitten? Then bring them down for a free kitten check! We want to see the best for your new kitten so come and see us. We will give your kitten a full health check and discuss any concerns you may have. We can also work with you on a program to cover worms, fleas, vaccination, diet and lots and lots of playing!

Thinking of buying a kitten?

Where to go and what breed of kitten to get? So many possibilities! Do you get one from a pet store, a breeder or the RSPCA? It is a great idea to speak to a few breeders, research the breed and its characteristics. Do you want a beautiful long haired Maine Coon? That will depend on if you are you prepared to brush it every day. Being prepared and understanding what your little kitten will grow into is very important.

Cats these days are under public scrutiny. Their effects on wildlife is well known and your decision on whether your kitten is indoor out outdoors is controversial. We will support whatever you choose! A few options are fully indoor, indoor with an outdoor cat run, our indoor/outdoor. Each has its own health implications so come and see us and we can discuss these options and make a plan that suits your kitten and you.


The general rule is to worm your kitten every 2 weeks until they are 12 weeks old, then monthly worming until the kitten is 6 months old and then every three months for the rest of their lives. There are roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, as well as tape worm. Tape worm is not generally a problem in kittens but the others are a concern as they take protein and blood from kittens compromising their health (in some cases severely) and provide a small risk of infection in children. So following a program such as the above is essential. We can help you with advice on what to give and when.


Fleas are parasites that breed on your kitten, but they actually develop as larvae off your kitten. The larvae look like hairy caterpillars and feed on dead skin in pet beds, carpets, between floorboards and on bedspreads. These grow and hatch into jumping fleas that love nothing more then to bite your pets, and occasionally mistake you for a meal as well!  The best way to control fleas is to reduce the number of flea eggs and larvae hatching around the house. This is done by using a product that kills any adult fleas before they have time to breed. If your kitten already has fleas (we look for these in our free kitten checks), or you just need a preventative flea treatment, we can recommend a suitable product to treat adults and the larvae.


Routine vaccinations are still the most effective method of protecting your kitten against disease. In cats most vaccinations are either a 3 or 4 component vaccine. We advise that all kittens are vaccinated. Most will have had their first vaccination before you buy them at 6-8 weeks, and if not, make sure you organise this with us. We then advise a 12 week and 16 week booster. During these visits we give your kitten a full health check and talk you through worming, flea control, diet and behaviour. Its a great time to talk to us about any concerns you may have, or any advice you need on keeping your kitten as healthy as possible. They are such good fun at this age as young kittens, make sure you enjoy them!

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