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Here at The Berwick Village Vet we feel very strongly that there are two ways of dealing with health issues: Prevention and Treatment. There are many ways of preventing health issues and we can take the time to sit down with you and design a program suitable for your pets, ensuring it is as convenient as possible for you and your lifestyle.

vet services


Consults are appointments to see a Vet. They are used in either a preventative manner i.e. identifying problems before they cause troubles, such as in seniors Vet consults and vaccination Vet consults, or as a diagnostic and treatment Vet consult. Here at The Berwick Village Vet, we commonly see dogs for skin troubles, gastrointestinal problems, eyes, ears, lameness, drinking too much, skin lumps, behavioural issues and the list goes on. Our Veterinarian will examine your pet, and may advise further testing before initiating a treatment plan.

All consults are ideal times to raise concerns you may have about your pet with the Vet, modify preventative programs for parasites, update vaccinations etc.

Nurse Consults

Veterinary nurse consults can be arranged with one of our friendly nurses. In most instances there is no cost for these visits and our vet nurses are passionate about caring for your pet. They can help with weight loss clinics (should your pet be a little heavy around the middle!), regular weight checks for parasite control, puppy checks between veterinarian consults, dental checks, removal of stitches after surgery etc. They are also available to help if you are having trouble administering ongoing medication our vets have prescribed such as ear medications etc.

Vaccination Consults

Vaccination Consults for pets involve a full veterinary health check annually, where your pet will be thoroughly examined prior to a vaccine being administered. Vaccines are designed to stimulate the immune system, so when the true disease is encountered your pet will be able to attack it and defend their own bodies from disease. They are the most important preventative measure we have in the medical world. Many of the diseases we vaccinate for cannot be successfully treated once contracted, so never has a statement been more true than “prevention is our best medicine.”

At present these vaccines are administered annually to cats, dogs and rabbits, although the type of vaccine may differ from year to year.

Parasite Control

Worms, fleas, heartworm, mange, ear mites and the list goes on! It becomes very complicated to decide what products are best for your pet. We stock products suitable for the prevention and treatment of all these parasites, and our Vets and Nurses have the knowledge to advise on what program would suit you best.

pet dental services


Most pets do not have their teeth brushed twice daily, so many require dental treatment at some stage throughout their lives. We offer programs to prevent dental disease, including special diets, brushing advice and routine procedures to clean and polish teeth. We offer free vet or vet nurse dental checks which allow our vets or nurses to design a program to prevent oral problems such as bad breath and painful red gums.

Routine Surgeries

We offer desexing procedures for cats, dogs and rabbits. These routine surgeries revolve around a quick surgical procedure performed by the Veterinarian to reduce unwanted pregnancies and to reduce the health and behavioural problems associated with normal hormonal cycles (certain cancers, pyometra, etc). We take every effort to minimize any anaesthetic risk and offer pre-anaesthetic  blood testing and intravenous fluid administration to all animals undergoing anaesthesia.

Other Surgeries

Jeremy, Julia and Deb are competent surgeons who thrive on a challenge. They offer procedures from orthopaedics such as knee reconstructions (for torn cruciate ligaments), skin cancer and lump removals and abdominal surgeries. If we feel that a procedure is complex we may advise referral to a qualified specialist veterinary surgeon.

Pathology / Lab tests

We offer a variety of lab tests using both our in-house lab and a specialist external laboratory. Pre-anaesthetic and routine blood tests can be run onsite with a very fast turn around time, as can routine urine testing and cytology. Samples are often sent to a specialist veterinary laboratory for confirmation, or for further specialised testing, including DNA, endocrine, histopathology and cytology testing.

Radiography / Radiology

Radiography is the process of taking X-Rays (Radiographs) and radiology is the process of interpreting them. At The Berwick Village Vet we have digital x-ray to enable us to view images immediately. We regularly use specialists to review radiographs to aid in diagnosis or the treatment plan for your pet.


A microchip is an essential method (and legal requirement) of identifying a pet and returning him or her to their rightful owners. It involves the implantation of a chip about the size of a rice grain underneath the skin of a pet and organising the registration of that chip to you.  This means that if your pet ends up lost anywhere in Australia, you can be contacted and have your pet returned to you.


We regularly have stray animals brought into our Berwick clinic. We scan these pets for a microchip and normally have them home before dinner time. Most dogs are picked up within a short distance of home, healthy and happy, yet the pet owners are either unaware their dog is missing or are searching nearby. We give these pets a kennel, bowl of food and water, until such time as they can be returned to their family. If the pet has no microchip or tags, we occasionally have to surrender them to the council.


We have many wildlife cases presented each year, especially birds, possums, wandering turtles and blue-tongue lizards. Each animal is examined for evidence of attack from other animals, car accidents or illness and a wildlife consultant contacted. Many of these animals are rehabilitated and returned back into the wild. We do not charge when wildlife is presented at the clinic, we just want to see as many of them retuned back into the environment as possible.


We regularly seek advice and refer cases to specialists in the fields of Ophthalmology (eyes), Dermatology (skin), Surgery and Medicine. This allows specialist diagnostic and treatment for the management of complex cases.

Puppy Preschool

Puppy Preschool is a great fun way to learn more about your pet, get some basic training tips and above all, teach the puppies how to socialise with dogs they don’t know. It is a great age to socialise them with like minded puppies and leads to well balanced happy puppies. The course is run over four sessions by our nurses and really is a lot of fun!

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