Welcome to Puppy School

The Berwick Village Vet presents a great fun way to learn more about your pet, get some basic training tips and above all, teach the puppies how to socialise with dogs they don’t know. It is a great age to socialise them with like minded puppies and leads to well balanced happy puppies.

The course is run over four weekly sessions by our nurse Ruby and really is a lot of fun!

Puppy School - Berwick Village Vet

Congratulations on your newest family member!

Recently got a new puppy?

It’s important when you get a puppy to ensure you take the right steps to train your puppy.

Puppy school is a developing foundation for an adult dog. It provides the importance of socialisation, mental and physical enrichment. We educate pet parents the significance of different environment exposure and preventing behavioural issues, offering appropriate rewards.

If your puppy is aged between 8-12 weeks of age and has had at least one vaccine already they are perfect for joining the school.

The program runs across four weekly classes with Ruby our puppy trainer.

Enrol For Puppy School!

Your puppy learns how to be a confident canine.

If you’d like to enrol for one of our programs please call our team on (03) 9707 3855.

Puppy School - Berwick Village Vet
Puppy School - Berwick Village Vet

Upcoming Intake Dates

Take the right steps to train your puppy.

The school sessions at Berwick Village Vet runs on Thursday evenings and is 4 weekly sessions.

Our next intake dates are:

  • 6th June
  • 11th July
  • 15th August

Great tips on how to get started with training a new puppy.