Pet Vaccinations at Berwick Village Vet

Pet vaccinations are very important to keep your furry friend healthy, happy, and protected from serious illnesses and diseases.

When To Get Your Pet Vaccinated

Cats and Dogs should receive annual vaccinations, with puppies and kittens requiring them more frequently in their first year of life. Rabbits also require vaccinations every 6 months and have them more frequently as bunnies.

The type of vaccine given can depend year to year with some required to be given every 12 months and other types required less frequently. Additional vaccinations may be given depending on your pets risk level.

If your pet is coming up to their yearly vaccination, book a vaccination consult with our team.

Vaccination Consults at Berwick Village Vet

In our vaccination consult for your pet we will do a full veterinary health check which includes examining your pet thoroughly prior to administering the vaccine.

Vaccines are important as they are designed to stimulate the immune system, so that when the true disease is encountered your pet will be able to defend their own bodies from the disease.

Kitten Vaccinations

Kitten Vaccination Schedule

Have you recently got a new kitten? We always advise that kittens should be vaccinated to help them protect them from various diseases.

6 – 8 weeks: Most kittens from reputable breeders usually will have had their first vaccination at 6-8 weeks – before you bring them home. If they haven’t or if you are unsure, we recommend organising this with our team as soon as possible.

12 weeks: When your kitten is 12 weeks old, it is recommended to get a booster dose.

16 weeks: At 16 weeks old another booster is required. The three doses ensure your pet has the highest level of protection from common diseases and gives them the best prevention against illness.

After these initial vaccinations, your kitten will move onto an annual vaccination schedule unless otherwise advised by your vet.

During all of these vaccination visits our team will do a full heath check of your kitten and talk you through other important information such as worming, flea control, diet and behaviour. It’s also a great time to chat to us about any concerns or questions you might have about your kitten, so we can help you keep them healthy and happy.

If you’re after more information and resources for your new kitten, see here or call our team.

Puppy Vaccinations

Puppy Vaccination Schedule

Recently got a puppy? Well, you are in for plenty of fun! The best way to get started in keeping your puppy healthy is to book them in for their vaccinations. Most puppies tend to of had their first vaccination at 6-8 weeks, often before they are rehomed. If you are unsure whether your new puppy has received their initial vaccination when you bring them home, book a consult with our team.

12 Weeks: At 12 weeks they will receive a 5-component vaccine which is crucial to helping them avoid common illnesses and diseases found in dogs.

16 Weeks: At 16 weeks old, they will receive their final puppy vaccination. It is recommended that you wait until about 2 weeks after this final vaccine dose before taking your puppy out into public spaces to ensure they are fully protected.

With every vaccination appointment we give your puppy a full health check, check their development, advise you on other information including worming, fleas, heartworm, further vaccinations and desexing. We are also here to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

If you still have questions about vaccinations for your pet, give our team a call on 9707 3855 to see how we can help.

Pet Vaccinations Berwick

Why Pick Berwick Village Vet For Your Pet Vaccinations?

At Berwick Village Vet we are a clinic proud on its ability to provide top quality veterinary care. We are here to make you and your pets feel at home, and trust that the best possible efforts will be made to prevent possible health problems and treat any health concerns that arise.

Call our team today to book your next pet vaccination or general check-up.

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