August was Dental Month! We are extending it!

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August is nationally considered dental month. It is so important to keep your pets mouth healthy as the mouth is a common source of pain for dogs and cats.


What are the signs of  dental disease in dogs and cats? There are a few things to look out for. The first is bad breath. Does your dog or cats breath smell a bit whiffy? If so we often find excessive build up of calculus on the teeth, and in some cases irreversible changes leading to rotten teeth. You can see this as discolouration and a build up on the tooth especially near the gum line. Are you unsure? Let us help!

We offered  free dental checks during August and because we feel it is so important we are extending this through September as well! Come on in and we’ll check your pets’ teeth and also give you some tips on how to brush, and which dental diets and chews actually work.