Canine Ear Infections


Ear infections are one of the most common problems seen at the Vet Clinic and if left untreated can become a chronic problem.

As the owner you will know your pooch better than anyone and this will allow you to identify changes such as redness of the ear, change in smell, discharge and/or pain.  Many dogs will shake their heads, scratch at their ears and even in some cases tilt their head.

Common cause of Ear Infections:

  • Swimming – water can become trapped in the ear canal creating an ideal warm/moist environment for bacteria.
  • Ear mites – cause irritation to the ear canal as the mites burrow into the skin to feed.
  • Foreign Bodies – dirt, plant material and grass seeds can become lodged causing irritation and infection.
  • Bacteria and yeast overgrowth – certain conditions cause the microbes to multiply creating infection.

If you suspect your dog of having an ear infection it is important to make an appointment with a Veterinarian.  During your appointment time, the Vet is able to examine down the ear canal using an Otoscope and establish the likely cause of the problem.  A swab of the ear may also be taken and looked at down a microscope to establish what medication is indicated to treat the condition.

Treatment may include ear drops, antibiotic and or anti-inflammatory tablets and even  ear cleaners.