Caring for feline senior citizens

Senior Cat

Cats can make fantastic companions and can live up to 20 years old if they are well looked after. Just like ours, cat’s needs change once they hit their senior years and require a little extra care and special attention.

Cats typically hit their senior stages of life when they are seven years old; with their aging many health issues can arise such as weight loss as a result of diabetes and thyroid problems, cognitive behavioural dysfunction (similar to Alzheimer’s), kidney problems and cancers. Like humans, arthritis becomes more prevalent in age along with hearing and vision deterioration and gum and dental disease which may affect your cat’s ability to eat at its normal pace.
Older cats need to have warm spots available for all of their daytime and night time naps, so ensure there is lots of warm and fluffy bedding or even a heat pad near its bed away from draughty areas to ensure they are comfortable.

Nutrition is important and ‘senior’ car food will meet the needs of your pet best at this stage of their life. Speak to us at the Berwick Village Vet if you are unsure what your cats requirements currently are and we can suggest the best nutrition plan for your pet.

Like younger cars, regular worming and flea treatments should still be maintained in this stage of their life. Both forms of treatments have developed significantly over time to ensure they are easy, safe and convenient to administer to your pet. Keep visiting the vet regularly!

If a cat has been well looked after in the earlier stages of his or her life, then the transition into being a senior member of the family should be an easy one and they will be around long enough for you to enjoy their companionship and love for many years to come.

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