Christmas Dangers For Pets

Christmas Dangers For Pets

The festive season is upon us! We have commonly encountered a few problems over the Christmas break and so here are a few things to avoid;

We all know chocolate is poisonous to dogs, did you also know macadamia nuts are too? Grapes and raisons have been linked to renal failure in dogs and are a common food either fresh or in pudding over the Christmas season.

Another problems we commonly see is bloat (gastric dilatation volvulus) which occurs more commonly in deep chested dogs. It frequently follows a large meal which is followed by vigorous exercise. Just like Christmas leftovers followed by a romp with the kids! Cooked bones (stomach problems) and fatty leftovers (pancreatitis) have also regularly meant Christmas or Boxing day is spent at the emergency vet clinic!

In cats we commonly see vomiting after eating Christmas ribbon (which “ties” the small intestine up, requiring urgent surgery to save their life). Kittens are particularly at risk! Remember too that Christmas lilly’s are toxic to cats and kidney failure is the result. They can chew on the stems or leaves but commonly they just brush past a flower arrangement, get pollen on their coat, and cats being fastidious cleaners lick it off.

Look out for these things, and your pets will have a safer Christmas!