Fireworks and Thunderstorms

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Is your dog afraid of loud noises? It is not uncommon for dogs and other pets to be afraid of loud noises like thunderstorms or fireworks.  Most commonly, pets will show signs of anxiety when they hear loud noises and highly distressed animals can try to escape from properties, leading to injury.

Here are some tips to deal with pets that suffer from anxiety related to loud noises.


Do not punish your pet

If your pet seems stressed, don’t punish them.  Distraction is best.

Make your pet feel safe

Have you noticed that your pet will try and get under your bed or inside your wardrobe during a storm?  This is OK.  Let them get to where they feel safe.

Close bird cages, rabbit hutches, ensure pet doors, windows, gates or fences are closed and locked so they can’t escape easily.

Ensure your pet wears identification

If your pet does manage to get out, it is important that they are microchipped and wearing ID tags that have your phone number on them. If you have not already, speak to us about getting your pet microchipped today.

Medication where required

In extreme cases, medication might be required to appease your pet.  Give us a call today to arrange a consultation so we can discuss a stress management program to suit your pet.