Heartworm in Dogs

Heartworm In Dogs
Heartworm is a dangerous worm, transferred by a mosquito bite to animals. When an infected mosquito feeds on your pet’s blood, the heartworm larvae enter the bloodstream. The scary part is that these larvae mature into worms that can reach up to 30cm in length.

Heartworm is a potentially fatal disease characterised by large, parasitic worms that can infest the heart. It is a serious disease and if left untreated can cause heart failure, lung disease, organ damage and death. It is possible to treat heartworm infection, but the treatment can cause serious complications and is expensive – thousands of dollars. Prevention is better than cure.

Change of climate and warmer weather conditions in Victoria has played a part in the increased cases of Heartworm found in our state and 10 cases in our locale.
Dogs are more commonly affected by heartworm disease but cats may also be at risk.

Please be aware that many of the intestinal ‘all-wormer’ tablets do not prevent against heartworm infection, only intestinal worms.

At The Berwick Village Vet we encourage all dog owners to have their pet protected by Heartworm and can provide a yearly vaccine to offer the best protection and if administered at 12 weeks of age (in pups) will kill any heartworm larvae that may be already present.

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