Lumps and Bumps on Pets

Lumps On Dogs

contactAt The Berwick Village Vet we see many pets with lumps and bumps.  Most times if your pet is cooperative the lump can be tested during a consultation this will determine the type of lump your pet has grown and what treatment is required or whether further testing or complete removal is necessary.

The types of testing are:

FNA = Fine Needle Aspirate.  This is where a small needle is inserted into the lump to suck out the cells, the cells are placed onto a microscope slide and interpreted either by the vet or sent off to an external pathologist laboratory for further investigation if it is unclear. Almost 95% of lumps can be diagnosed using FNA.

Impression smear. If the lump is weeping or has a discharge of fluid, a microscope slide can be rubbed against the lump and then examined in the same manner as the FNA.

Biopsy. Under heavy sedation or general anesthetic the vet can take a small section of the lump and then placing it in formalin (preservation fluid) to be sent to an external pathologist for examination

If your pet has a fast growing lump or is irritated by a growth please talk to our vets to see what diagnosis and treatment is best.

Are you concerned about a growth on your pet?