September 2018

Grain Free Diets
Many Grain free Diets have come onto the pet food market in recent times, these diets have been developed more so in response to consumer preference and clever marketing from big business rather than the nutritional needs of our pets. 
No scientific evidence supports that a “grain free” diet is superior to others and nutritionally the most important factor of a pet’s diet is whether the food provided is complete and balanced. If the has not undergone stringent testing is could possibly contain excesses or deficiencies of specific nutrients and then the pet will suffer.

Some common myths
Grains are just a “filler” or hold no nutritional values for pet foods: Numerous grain products such as barley, wheat, corn and oats do provide easily digestible proteins, fatty acids and carbohydrates. These are often easier to digest than meat proteins.

Grain free diets are lower in carbohydrates: In most cases this is incorrect as manufacturers substitute traditional grains with sweet potato, tapioca, beans and peas. These often have a lesser nutrient content, minimal fibre and are more expensive, which is always passed onto the consumer.

Grains and allergies: Grain allergies are uncommon in pets, food sensitivities are more likely to be caused by an animal proteins.  To discuss a balanced and nutritious diet for your pet contact the friendly staff at The Berwick Village Vet.


Oravet Chews outshine the others
Oravet is a daily dog dental chew which has proven to be an effective and convenient way to stop bad doggy breath and keep the mouth clean. The chew have an ingredient called delmopinol which has been used in human oral mouth wash for years. Once the dog chews the treat the delmopinol coats the teeth, gingiva and tongue. This then forms a protective barrier preventing bacteria that leads to the formation of plaque and tartar and of course the bad breath.

We recommend these treats before the onset of dental disease or after a dental cleaning procedure has been performed on your dog. The chews come in 4 convenient sizes to cater for all breeds and our clinic is stocking packs of three if you would like to trial them on your dog. Contact us today for further information.


Spotlight on the Bruxellois/ Brussels Griffon
Bruxellois/ Brussels Griffon, originates from Belgium in late 1800’s
Characteristics: Small, affectionate, active, stubborn, good watchdog, intelligent and athletic. 

Can be bossy at times demanding attention, requires regular daily exercise. Excellent companion animal for elderly.
Coat: Terrier like in appearance, the easy care coat is available in rough and smooth varieties with colours of red, black/ reddish brown, black and tan, solid black.
Growth: 17-22 centimetres tall weighing 3-6 kilograms with a lifespan 14-15 years.

Fun Facts….. did you know?
A cat had been mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, for 15 years until his death in 2017, his name was Stubbs and of course he was a ginger tomcat.  There has also been a cat named Morris run for mayor of Xalapa, Mexico in 2013 he was unsuccessful.