How to collect a Urine sample from your pet

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Pet Urine Samples

How to Collect a Urine Sample from Dogs

In dogs it can be relatively easy to collect a urine sample, at least it can be with a co-operative patient! The best starting point is to get a collection device. I have seen a soup ladle used to great effect especially in female dogs.  However, a new take away type container can be the best tool. The best urine sample of the day is the first in the morning.  Take you dog for a walk armed with your take away container or soup ladle. Then watch carefully and wait for your dog to either;

1) Squat (boys and girls will squat at times)

In this instance quickly place the take away container /ladle underneath the rear quarters as they squat down for girls, or in front of the penis for boys and catch the stream. We only need a bit! A cup is generous, most tests can be done on a teaspoon full!

2) Begin to cock it’s leg

Easy if you have a dog who marks his territory. Lets face it for some of us, a walk means a short distance travelled over a long time with numerous ‘wee’ breaks in between! Sling the take away tub in the stream and bob’s your uncle!

Then place the sample into a clean jar/pot ( we can provide these if you prepare yourself in advance!) and bring it with you to your appointment. If you are not being seen straight away, wrap it up and keep it in the fridge until you leave for your appointment.

How to Collect a Urine Sample from Cats

Outside toileting cats; bring your cat to us and we will do it for you by directly sampling the bladder in the vet clinic.

Inside toileting cats; Empty the cat litter and wash the litter tray with warm water. Dry it thoroughly. Use plastic cat litter “beads” meant for urine sampling, or cut up plastic tubs, plastic bottles etc and make a cat “litter”. This is non absorbent and so any urine deposited in the box can then be tipped straight into your clean jar or pot. If your cat is likely to eat or play with the litter, it might be best left to us.

If you think we may want a urine sample then keep your cat indoors and locked up for a few hours to allow a sample to collect in the bladder. If there is nothing to collect, we can’t collect it!


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January 8, 2014