Why we should get our new puppies and kittens checked

Puppy Checks

“Simmo” was bought as a very cute whippet puppy. He was bought from a breeder by some very enthusiastic “New Parents!” Shortly after, this cute little whippet was brought in to see Jeremy. He was a fantastic little puppy, but he had a few problems. He had a massive flea burden, an undershot jaw, an umbilical hernia, and was a cryptorchid (had an undescended testicle).

None of these problems are all that serious, especially when you are talking about him being a pet as opposed to a show dog. The owners were not interested in showing him. However it does show poor breeding and poor care in the first few weeks of life. “Simmo” is now doing really well and has been vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, given a premium puppy diet and is almost due to have his cryptorchid castration, and hernia repair surgery. He is a really cool little dude!

It is imperative that you do you research when buying a new pet. This involves researching the breeder, and not committing to buy until you have seen the facility and the puppies themselves. The next step is to get them Vet checked. Here at The Berwick Village Vet, we want you to have the best start with your new pet, and so we offer FREE puppy and kitten checks. Make sure you take advantage of these checks – they are available all year! Most people would never dream of returning their new puppy, but it is best to address these problems early in life to give them the best possible start.


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June 29, 2014