Vet leads the way on safety

Leash Free Dog Park

A Casey vet has launched a push for fenced, leash-free parks across the city.  Berwick Village Vet Jeremy Jones said Casey had a high level of dog ownership but not one of hte councils 400 parks and 50 reserves provided a safe, fenced -off area for dog owners to walk their pets.  Dr Jones said these zones were vital not only for the safety of other park users, but for dogs and their walkers as well.  “There are lots of parks around, but you need to make them dog-friendly so they can have fun without you worrying about them running onto the road,” he said.

“Ithink it’s vital to have several dedicated off-lead fenced areas that don’t have a children’s playground as part of the fenced area.”

Messy Pawz Dog Training owner Sue Day backed the call, saying fenced, leash free parks gave dog owners peace of mind.  “People will let their gos off lead and if you dog give them an area, they will use schools or some other area, and that’s part of the issue. ” Ms Day said.

“Council should definitely look at a couple of areas.” Casey community safety manager Caroline Bel said the council had not issued any off-leash fines in the past ear.  Ms Bell said teh developer of Selandra Estate was buiding a fenced dog park at Clyde North.

Source: Berwick Leader, Monday 31st March pg 3


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April 3, 2014