The Berwick Village Vet Newsletter October 2018

The Berwick Village Vet Newsletter
October 2018

Help for wildlife and baby birds
Spring is that time of the year that our clinic see a lot of orphaned wildlife in particular baby birds and possums.
At times fledglings (baby birds) have mistakenly been bought into the clinic at the thought of needing assistance, but in fact they haven’t fallen from the nest but are progressing naturally into adulthood.
Fledglings are typically fully feathered, with a short tail and wings. They are able to walk, hop and flap, and they may attempt short flights, but are still being cared for by the parents.
If you find a fledgling, it should be left alone or at the most placed in a nearby shrub. Keep people and pets away so the parents will continue to care for it until it can fly.
Placing fledglings back into nests is typically only a short-term solution, as they will quickly re-emerge. Moving fledglings to entirely new locations is also ineffective, as they are still dependent on their parents for survival and will quickly starve.
If the animal is injured please either bring it into the clinic for assessment or contact Wildlife Victoria directly for assistance on 03 8400 7300 or via the website
Please find information fact sheets on wildlife below

New Bravecto spot on flea treatment
Bravecto has released a new liquid spot on flea treatment for cats and dogs which lasts longer than the current existing Bravecto chew.
The new Bravecto is an easy single liquid application on the back of the pets neck, it lasts 6 months for dogs and 3 months for cats.
The treatment has been proven to have effective control of fleas within 8 hours of administration and kills fleas and ticks at any stage of their lifecycle.
The Berwick Village Vet now has an all inclusive yearly Vaccination, Proheart (heartworm injectable), Flea and intestinal worm package available please contact us on 9707-3855 for some great savings for your pet.

Top tips for the scratchy season
The big number one tip is to reguarlly use flea treatment ,contact us for a suitable flea protection product to use all year round. Fleas are a major cause of an itchy pet and regular use of a flea treatment is easier and cheaper than trying to get rid of a flea infestation.
Cleaning the environment of flea eggs/larvae/pupae by weekly HOT wash (>55’C) everything you can that the pet is in contact with and then thoroughly vacuuming everything else. Don’t forget the seat in the car and even your floorboards and around the architraves. In clinic we do have a flea control spray “Sundew” which is suitable for treating bedding and areas around the home.
Only ever wash your dog in pet-approved shampoo and conditioner. Using shampoos with Aloe Vera/Oatmeal/Ceramides and then the leave in conditioner. Do not wash your pet any more frequently than monthly. Any shampoo will strip the natural oils from the skin.
Using an unperfumed Sorbelene on their bare skin/feet in the morning as a film barrier against grass or allergens.
A premium balanced diet is essential to keep your pet’s skin and coat in top shape. A good skin and coat provides a barrier against potential allergens and skin atopy.
Medications prescribed by a veterinarian can greatly reduce an itch and these can be used during flare-ups and in some skin cases may be needed for ongoing management.
If you notice your pet is itching, licking, biting, or rubbing, you should arrange a check up with the vet. By quickly settling the scratching, the less likely your pet is to cause self trauma and secondary skin infections. Call the clinic on 9707-3855 if you have any concerns about your itchy pet.

Did you know… Revolution Rewards
Here at The Berwick Village Vet we are lucky enough to be able to offer our clients frequent buyers rewards for Revolution.
If you purchase 12 months worth of product within the year we can give you a FREE three months supply. Just ask our friendly nurses how to join up!


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November 26, 2018