Vet warns against toxic garden treat

By Cam Lucadou-Wells, Berwick Star News, Thursday 18th May 2017 A Berwick vet has called on dog owners to ward their dogs from feeding on toxic mush- rooms and toadstools. Jeremy [ more ]

So what did we Eat?

  What a yarn!     This poor little cat was presented to the clinic with a funny swallowing action. On opening it’s mouth nothing could be seen, and there [ more ]

Pets at home, what would happen to them if something should happen to us?

    Over the last year I have had several clients ask what would happen to a pets if they end up in a situation where they (the client and [ more ]

Did you know we did free puppy and kitten checks?

  You have to be Kitten me!   That’s right! When you purchase a new pet it is imperative that you get a Vet check straight away. We can give [ more ]

Allergy Season! It’s upon us again! Here is a bit of information that may help.

  Skin Support Allergy Season! It’s upon us again! Here is a bit of information that may help. Many pets will have skin conditions which are allergy based. This can [ more ]

Kids Corner

CALLING ALL CRAFTY KIDS! We would love to see your drawings or paintings of your pet or any other animal craft project you have done. Please send your pictures to [ more ]

Meet & Greet

We would love to share your pets with the rest of the Berwick Village Vet community! If you would like your pet to feature in next months e-newsletter or on [ more ]

Caring for feline senior citizens

Cats can make fantastic companions and can live up to 20 years old if they are well looked after. Just like ours, cat’s needs change once they hit their senior [ more ]

Break the barking habit

Whether you have a new puppy who is just settling in or an older dog who is a regular barker, it’s good to get to the bottom of the barking [ more ]

Why desexing is important!

If you have recently got a new, furry, family member, an important decision for you to make will be, ‘do I want to desex my puppy or kitten?’. According to [ more ]

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